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Desigo Building Automation System


Desigo Insight is a modern building automation and control system (BACS) for the entire field of building systems. With system functions such as alarm management, time scheduling, and trend logging, combined with advanced control functions, Desigo is a highly versatile asset in a building. Innovative web technology, powerful databases and open communications make Desigo a financially wise investment in the future.
Scalable from small to large projects with the highest degree of energy efficiency, transparency and optimum operational management as well as applications for infrastructure and industry.
Desigo is consistent in its support of open communications, making it easy to connect a wide variety of building systems on the basis of standard open data interfaces:

  • BACnet from room automation to the management level
  • Konnex (KNX®) S-mode (Instabus EIB), DALI, EnOcean® and   LONWORKS® to network room automation and secondary processes
  • M-bus, Modbus, OPC, MS/TP and other interfaces for universal connection of thirdparty devices and systems
  • Ethernet TCP/IP network protocol

Desigo CC Building Automation System

Desigo CC introduction movie


Desigo CC is designed to work with you in new ways. The control center features tools and capabilities that streamline and simplify the many tasks and processes that are central to running a safe, secure, comfortable and efficient facility. Desigo CC is an intelligent control center that readily adapts to what
you need.
Desigo CC will enable you to identify and address building issues quickly, and will increase productivity from day one. It uses familiar hierarchical tree structures that simplify and streamline navigating the system.
Its unique workflow automatically links to the information that is most important for you, so that you can personalize your own view of the system. The interface helps users focus attention on the most relevant information because it runs as one application for all disciplines with reduced pop-ups and without overlapping windows.
Because Desigo CC is designed to address
your workflow needs, you can:

  • Pinpoint the source of events with ease
  • Separate user and engineering modes
  • Separate operation and configuration tasks

This personalization aspect means that Desigo CC knows your most important, go-to items, turning it into a truly intelligent system that
can anticipate your next move.

Open system, standard protocols
Technologies are constantly evolving, and these changes have accelerated in recent years. Many building automation solutions have not kept pace with changing needs and are simply outdated. With Desigo CC you get the latest technology for new buildings and a platform for future growth.
Building on our expert knowledge of facilities, Siemens designed Desigo CC to support the leading standard, open communication protocols. In fact, Desigo CC is BACnet AWS certified. Desigo CC is a true open system that directly supports the following communication standards:

  • BACnet
  • OPC
  • Modbus
  • SNMP
  • HTTP
  • SMTP

BACnet can integrate typical building systems and equipment such as HVAC, lighting and fire and life safety. OPC and Modbus allow for the integration of process control and metering systems. SNMP can integrate IT equipment, and ONVIF can integrate standard IP camera systems.

Desigo Touch and Web


Desigo Touch and Web introduction movie

Desigo Touch and Web permits complete operation of Desigo PX automation stations via the BACnet/IP Web interface PXG3.W100.
Simply touch the screen to operate the high-resolution capacitive displays.
Intuitive operating functions are optimized to minimize tapping: Tap the object to display status; adjustable values can be edited via dialogs.

Operating functions Desigo Touch and Web


  • Graphical display of plants with intuitiveoperation
  • Object display and operation including all actual values and setpoints, plant and operating states via dialogs
  • Graphical display and operation of scheduler programs, exception calendar (in profile and list view)
  • Alarm monitoring with acknowledgement
  • • Graphical display of offline trend data (trendlog objects) as well as export to Microsoft Excel for further processing
  • Favorites for the most important plant data
  • Log on and off via Desigo user profile with multistage access protection
  • Plant overview of the most important plant values, even without log on
  • Support of additional clients via standard Web browser (HTML5 technology) on various hardware platforms (e.g. tablets, notebooks/PCs, smartphones)
  • Display automatically adjusts to the size of the given client

Synco HVAC Control System


The Synco HVAC System offers a comprehensive product range from basic temperature control to complete HVAC plant control – from heat or refrigeration generation control through distribution to individual room control: Synco offers an extensive range of standard controllers for all types of applications.

Versatile and expandable for future use Synco supports the entire life cycle of a building.
Whether you change the usage of a building, in case of a staged construction or when you expand or modernize a plant – Synco is the ideal solution for you. Thanks to their modular concept and backward-compatible communication, the controllers can be expanded and adapted at any time. This means that the functionality of HVAC plants can grow depending on new requirements, and investments can be made in stages. Straightforward operation and quick commissioning Synco excels in high levels of user and service friendliness, owing to straightforward and efficient operation. Proven and preprogrammed applications and energy saving functions are integrated,
enabling you to save time and costs in terms of planning, engineering and

Competent support for your work with Siemens, you have a strong and
competent partner at your side. Backed by our in-depth know-how, we offer
you extensive support for Synco – for example different training modules,
e-learnings as well as comprehensive technical documentation and application
descriptions. Decades of experience and high quality standards
HVAC plant control is one of the challenges we have been facing for more
than 70 years. The incremental development of our products benefits from our
in-depth application know-how resulting from decades of practical experience
and extensive research work.

We attach great importance to quality management and systematically subject our products to stringent tests. Controllers and their functions are thoroughly tested in our own HVAC laboratory. This ensures the highest levels of product quality and puts us in a position to work with you as your competent partner.